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Clinical Research


FamilyMedix offers the benefits of a unique and close collaboration between our experienced Clinical Research and Medical Professionals as well as dedicated worldwide specialist, working together in the study of related diseases under FDA rules and regulations. Our full spectrum outpatient medical divisions are designed specifically for the patient while providing quality translational, basic, Clinical and Lab research for pharmaceutical products or medical devices in Phases 1-4.

Clinical Research Studies Services
  • Develop a Strategy

Our team will work with you to identify the best possible approach to capture your most significant clinical outcomes through tactfully selected clinical analyses.

  • Establish Budget and Timelines

Clinical trials can be costly and time-consuming but our team will work to ensure you stay within your clinical research budget and remain constantly aware of transparent timelines throughout the whole process.


  • Review Protocol

A well-designed protocol is critical to achieving your clinical research goals on time and on budget. Let us help you identify the best trial conduction.


  • Obtain Approvals

We will manage regulatory submissions to gain IRB approval for your trial.


  • Recruit Subjects

Recruitment is one of the most challenging aspects of a trial, let us take charge of finding quality research subjects to complete your trial safely and on time.


  • Conduct Study

Our clinical site in Houston metropolitan area will work to conduct your study with the highest regard for participant safety, data quality and ICH-GCP compliance.


  • Produce Reports

Medical writing that captures your research and significant findings are prepared and for you to submit for publication.


  • Substantiate Claims

Health claims made on natural health products must be supported by sound clinical research and are crucial to successful product development and marketing.

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